99 Restaurant & Pub

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Construction Type
Tenant Fit-up & Ground Up Construction

Construction Date
Partners since 1998

Fairhaven, MA, Falmouth, MA, Hingham, MA, Pembroke, MA, Plymouth, MA, Quincy, MA, Tewksbury, MA, Bellingham, MA

Project Category

The 99 Restaurant & Pub’s mission statement is made up of four simple words: A Passion To Serve. It was founded on the notion of giving locals a place where they'd always feel at home. A place where they could get no-nonsense food at down-to-earth prices. A the place where they would “always come back for more.”

And we’re proud to say that whenever “The Nines” wants to open another location in Massachusetts, they always come back to Coastal Construction. For more than 18 years, we have been their construction partner of choice. It all began with our first fit-up Restaurant & Pub in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Since then we have performed fit-up construction in strip centers and stand alone buildings as well as renovations and additions to open restaurants.