Construction Services

Coastal Construction is a team of experienced professionals ready to take on any challenge. Led by a seasoned project management team, we’re sure to deliver your project no matter what you need. We’ve handled hundreds of ground-up construction projects, tenant improvements, and open remodels throughout the Northeast. And we enjoy strong relationships with the design/consulting community. So we are uniquely positioned to assemble the right team to deliver complete Design/Build services for your next project.

Ground Up Construction

From groundbreaking to occupancy, you can count on Coastal to deliver on time and on budget. From wood frame structures to structural steel and masonry construction, additions in existing facilities to new plaza developments, our project management team and field superintendents have the experience to manage the entire process.

Tenant Improvement

Landlords and tenants alike benefit from Coastal’s depth and breadth of retail-specific experience and insight to revitalize their shopping centers. We’ve helped revitalize dozens of dated retail centers, delivering new clean space finished to tenant requirements and ready to merchandise on time and on budget. We understand and respect the demands of the retail community and have never once missed an opening.

Commercial Renovation

Maintaining normal operations during remodeling is a considerable challenge, which is why Coastal is the go-to partner of choice for so many. We know the success of any open remodel depends on detailed planning and ongoing client communication. Coastal knows how to strike that balance to stay on schedule and under budget while managing and minimizing the impact to the client’s business.